Elettaria cardamomum GREEN CARDAMOM (15 seeds)


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Green cardamom, also called Elettaria cardamomum in Latin, is a rhizome herbaceous plant belonging to the Zingiberaceae family like ginger or turmeric.
It is native to the Malabar Coast.
Its fruit provides a spice with the same name: cardamom.
There is also another rhizome plant called black cardamom.
Green cardamom seeds are small, about the size of those of Bala.

Its fruit is used as a spice in cooking.
the dried fruit is a gray green capsule which contains the aromatic seeds.
Its seeds are used in Indian cuisine and more generally in Asian cuisine as well as in African cuisine.
The seeds of this plant are consumed either in powder form or whole.

In traditional medicine, it is widely used to treat many conditions just like the electric herb.

The most suitable time for sowing green cardamom seeds is during the months of May, June and July.

It is advisable to soak the seeds in water for a few hours to facilitate germination.
Then sow the seeds in a box of fine seedling soil under 3 to 4 millimeters of substrate then water gently by spraying.
Finally, place the box in a greenhouse at a temperature of around 35°C.

Germination of green cardamom seeds will begin 4 and 8 weeks after sowing.

Once the plants are 10 to 20 cm high, they will need to be planted in a 10 liter pot so that they can grow normally.

  • Refined spice used in cooking.
  • Has some medicinal uses.
  • Untreated reproducible seeds.

Exotic condiment plant to grow in a container or in a mild climate.


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Elettaria cardamomum GREEN CARDAMOM (15 seeds)

Elettaria cardamomum GREEN CARDAMOM (15 seeds)


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