Mertensia maritima OYSTER LEAF (10 seeds)


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Oyster leaf or Mertensia maritima is a creeping and perennial plant of the family Boraginaceae.
It is a small, small herbaceous plant that grows in sandy soils.
Oyster leaf grows mainly along the French Atlantic coastline.
Its leaves are thick, bluish, the flowers are blue.
Oyster leaf seeds are brown or black drop-shaped, they resemble those of the coral vine.

We call the Mertensia maritima, oyster leaf plant because its leaves have a good oyster taste very iodized.
There are also other plants that have an oyster taste, borage flowers and comfrey leaves.

Mertensia maritima is used in cooking in combination with fish dishes.
It can be eaten raw, cooked or preserved in vinegar like samphire.
Today, because of its success in gourmet cuisine, the oyster leaf plant is becoming increasingly rare in its original habitat.

Sowing oyster leaf seeds:

Start by laminating seeds naturally by leaving them in a wet sand pit outside, or artificially by putting them 3 weeks in the refrigerator.
Once the oyster leaf seeds is stratified, it must be sown in a box of substrate composed of fine horticultural compost and sand.
Finally, moisten the substrate with a small hand-held sprayer and leave the oyster culture in a place where the temperature will be between 15 and 20 ° C.
Germination of seeds usually takes 2 to 4 weeks.

  • Beautiful blooming blue in summer.
  • Unusual edible leaves with oyster taste.
  • Ideal for massive, prominent plant.

Seeds of rare and curious plant to discover.


Goût d'huitre étonnant

La Mertensia est une plante très étonnante dont les feuilles ont le goût d’huître.
La saveur d’huître des feuilles en cuisine est très originale.

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Mertensia maritima OYSTER LEAF (10 seeds)

Mertensia maritima OYSTER LEAF (10 seeds)


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