Hyoscyamus albus WHITE HENBANE (20 seeds)


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White henbane or Hyoscyamus albus is a biennial plant from the nightshade family.
It grows on all types of rather dry soil and requires a sunny exposure.
This ethnobotanical plant is native to Asia and southern Europe.
White henbane seeds are very small and beige in color.
Its fruit looks like a bell.

This esoteric plant possesses various alkaloids such as atropine (also contained in deadly nightshade), hyoscyamine and scopolamine (also found in black henbane).
In North America and England, it is cultivated for its therapeutic properties.

Nowadays, this therapeutic herb is prescribed for its medicinal use.

This plant was used in Europe for esoteric ritual purposes, notably to enter states of consciousness resulting in an altered bodily state.

The sowing time for white henbane seeds is in May.

Sow the seeds in a box of fine potting soil without covering them, then gently spray them with water.
Then place the culture in a greenhouse.
Germination of the white henbane will begin 3 to 4 weeks after sowing.

When the seedlings are 5 cm high, they will need to be transplanted into 20 cm diameter pots or directly into the ground in a sunny location.

  • Biennial plant 20/50 cm high.
  • Magnificent white flowers from spring to summer.
  • Fine, downy, slightly sticky foliage.
  • Has many medicinal uses.

This henbane is renowned for its magical action, and thus associated with esoteric practices.

Do not consume without medical advice.
Shamanic and esoteric plant seeds to grow in the garden for collection or ornamental purposes.


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Hyoscyamus albus WHITE HENBANE (20 seeds)

Hyoscyamus albus WHITE HENBANE (20 seeds)


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