Silybum marianum MILK THISTLE (15 seeds)


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Milk Thistle or Silybum marianum is a hardy perennial of the Asteraceae family.
It is particularly fond of dry and sunny places, often on an acid substrate.
It is a grass is very common around the Mediterranean.
The plant produces beautiful purple flowers during the summer.
Its seeds are oval, brown in color and resemble those of intellect tree or silk tree.

In the Middle Ages, it was said that he could drive away melancholy.
In the nineteenth century, doctors at the American eclectic school used it to treat menstrual disorders and congestions of the liver, gallbladder and kidneys.

In Europe, it is found today in several pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of various liver disorders, biliary and antidepressant. (just like St. John's wort or Griffonia simplicifolia)

Other studies of this type suggest that silymarin in the plant may help prevent or fight various types of cancer.
This extraordinary herb will reduce the harmful effects of chemotherapy on the liver.

In the kitchen, the leaves are eaten like spinach (after removing the spines) and young shoots in the manner of asparagus.
The flower buds are eaten like artichokes (just like borage and marigold flowers).
Once roasted, the seeds are eaten like coffee.

Like the artichoke, it has the reputation of stimulating the liver and promoting the circulation of bile.
An extract from its root is sometimes used as an active ingredient in energy drinks.
Its seeds are also used as food for goldfinches in captivity.

Sowing milk thistle seeds:

Sow the seeds in fine and slightly moist soil, either directly in the ground or in pots and transplant the seedlings when they are 7 to 10 cm high.
Germination occurs approximately 2 weeks after placement.

  • Hardy and hardy plant.
  • Beautiful violet flowering in summer.
  • Request no maintenance.
  • Edible and medicinal plant.
  • Reproducible seeds without organic designation but untreated seeds.

Do not consume without medical advice.
Medicinal plant seeds to grow in the garden.

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Silybum marianum MILK THISTLE (15 seeds)

Silybum marianum MILK THISTLE (15 seeds)


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