Caryota mitis FISHTAIL PALM (5 seeds)


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Fishtail palm or Caryota mitis is a palm tree of the Arecaceae family just like the betel palm.
It is a very rare plant native to the tropical regions of the Malay archipelago, the Far East, Australia and Indonesia.
This unusual palm is also called the Fishtail Palm because its leaflets are very similar to the tails of fish.
Fruits are brown, about the size of a big grape.
Fishtail palm seeds are round and big like soapnut tree.

Generally it grows to a height of 10 to 15 meters in the countries of origin, under our climate, it can climb up to 2.50 m in height.
Caryota mitis usually grow in humid tropical forests, in subtropical mountainous regions, on mountain slopes or ridges.

Fishtail palm is an ornamental palm as is the date palm often found in dwellings.
It is very good for the indoor environment even in a very dim situation.
The fibers of the base of the palm leaves are used as a poultice in Cambodia to cauterize wounds.

Caryota mitis also has a high sugar content which is extracted by evaporation.

Sowing fishtail palm seeds:

Start by soaking Caryota mitis seeds 24 hours in hot water, meanwhile, prepare small pots 5 cm in diameter and use a substrate made from horticultural compost and vermiculite, it is necessary to moisten before germination.
Next, plant the fishtail palm seeds under 1 cm deep and then water reasonably.
Finally, place the crop in a warm, humid place at a temperature close to 30 ° C.
Germination of the fishtail palm seeds occurs 6 to 8 weeks later.

  • Rare atypical foliage in the shape of a fishtail
  • Majestic indoor plant
  • Palm tree containing sugar

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Caryota mitis FISHTAIL PALM (5 seeds)

Caryota mitis FISHTAIL PALM (5 seeds)


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