Sapindus mukorossi SOAPBERRY / SOAPNUT (5 seeds)


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Soapberry tree, soapnut or Sapindus mukorossi is a tree of the family Sapindaceae.
It is found in all warm temperate and tropical regions of the planet, especially in Asia.
It measures 7 to 10 meters in height.
Its fruits are brown and contains a beautiful black seed whose bark is called soapnut.
Soapberry seed is black in color, as big as tea tree or moringa.
It is sometimes planted in the ground in USA in areas of low frost.
It is called soapberry or soapnut.

Because of the high saponin content, Sapindus mukorossi fruit pods are used as an alternative to conventional chemical detergents.
The fruits of Sapindus mukorossi are commonly called nuts.
Five to six half-shells placed in a bag, in the drum of a washing machine, are sufficient to wash the laundry from 30 ° C, and the shells can be reused several times in a machine.
It is a 100% ecological washing process.
Another plant is used this way, it is the soapwort or saponaria.

Sowing soapnut seeds:

Start by scarifying Sapindus mukorossi seeds with sandpaper and then soaking the seeds in hot water for 24 hours.
Bury the soapberry seeds in peat pots under 1 cm deep, water copiously at the plantation then put the greenhouse culture at a temperature close to 30 ° C.
Seeds of Sapindus mukorossi usually germinate after 2 to 4 weeks.

  • 100% ecological laundry.
  • Rapid growth.
  • Produces many pods at adult size.

interesting plant seeds for sale, to grow in the garden or in pots.



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Sapindus mukorossi SOAPBERRY / SOAPNUT (5 seeds)

Sapindus mukorossi SOAPBERRY / SOAPNUT (5 seeds)


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