Sida rhombifolia PADDY'S LUCERNE (15 seeds)


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Paddy's lucerne or Sida rhombifolia is a perennial that belongs to the family Malvaceae.
Sida rhombifolia is native to tropical and subtropical regions.
It is a small shrub 80 cm high.
Its flowers are yellow, it produces star-shaped berries.
Paddy's lucerne seeds are brown and angular, they resemble those of the mallow.

Sida rhombifolia contains an alkaloid identical to flannel weed or joint pine and saponin used mainly as natural soap also contained in the soapwort and soapberry tree.
Paddy's lucerne is used in Madagascar to fight against respiratory problems and other diseases.
In India, leaves are brewed or tea for its exciting side.

Sowing Paddy's lucerne seeds:

Soak your Sida rhombifolia seeds for 12 hours in warm water and then sow in a box of fine, draining soil.
Cover your seeds with 2 mm of substrate and then spray with a sprayer.
Finally, place your seed box in a warm place at about 25 ° C.
Paddy's lucerne seeds usually germinate after 3 weeks.

  • Beautiful little yellow flowers.
  • finely cut foliage.
  • Small plant, ideal for a small space of culture.
  • Request no maintenance, simple culture.

Also exists as a live plant to growing in the garden.

Do not consume without medical advice.
Collectible plant only.


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Sida rhombifolia PADDY'S LUCERNE (15 seeds)

Sida rhombifolia PADDY'S LUCERNE (15 seeds)


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