Voacanga africana VOACANGA (20 seeds)


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Voacanga africana is an exotic tree of the Apocynaceae family just like the snakeroot tree.
It has a very fast growth under tropical climate.
It is found mainly in the tropical regions of Central Africa (Cameroon, Congo and Gabon).
Flowers are small and white in the shape of a star.
Fruits are ball-shaped, the flesh is yellow and Voacanga seeds are brown.

Voacanga has an alkaloid called voacangine.
The traditional uses of Voacanga africana are well-kept secrets of African magicians and healers.
A little is known about the current use of seeds and bark of Voacanga africana, in addition the plant is held in high esteem with regard to ethnic rituals.

Voacanga africana seeds are aphrodisiacs just like the kola nut, they are also ingested to increase endurance and resistance, used for ritual and shamanic purposes.
The sap of the voacanga is used to treat wounds, boils, abscesses and eczema.

Sowing Voacanga seeds:

Start by soaking your seeds of Voacanga africana 25 hours in warm water, bury the under 1 cm of peat previously moistened, cover the seeds and then water gently with a spray.
Finally, place your pots in a very hot place at a temperature of at least 30 ° C.
Seeds of voacanga usually rise after several months.

  • Tropical and exotic tree with fast growth.
  • Sacred plant of Africa.
  • Requires a rich land with regular watering in summer.

Do not consume without medical advice.
Seeds intended only for the collection of ethnobotanical and shamanic plants from Africa.



Arbre aphrodisiaque

Les graines de voacanga sont connues en Afrique pour avoir des propriétés aphrodisiaques.
La culture demande beaucoup de chaleur même en hiver.

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Voacanga africana VOACANGA (20 seeds)

Voacanga africana VOACANGA (20 seeds)


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