Mimosa quadrivalvis SENSITIVE TREE (10 seeds)


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Sensitive tree or Mimosa quadrivalvis is a plant of the Fabaceae family.
It is a sensitive tree plant.
it has pink flowers.
Leaves are fern-like and 5-10 cm long, bright green to greyish green.
Annual plant or perennial, its foliage is evergreen and the plant offers a bushy habit of 1 to 1.50 m in height.
The stems are fine, branched and thorny.
Sensitive tree seeds are oval and brown, they resemble those of chilean cestrum.

This sensitive tree plant flaps its leaves when touched or they are exposed to heat.
Just like Mimosa pudica (sensitive plant) or Mimosa pigra (giant moving herb).
This phenomenon is for her a good defense.
The plant is rather hardy compared to Mimosa pudica because it resists up to -5 ° C.

Sowing sensitive tree seeds:

Start by soaking Mimosa quadrivalvis seeds 12 hours in warm water, then sow the seeds of sensitive tree in a box of horticultural compost under 2 to 3 millimeters of substrate.
Then, pack well and water the crop gently.
To finish, it will be necessary to put the pots under mini-greenhouse at a temperature of 25 to 30 ° c.
Mimosa quagrivalvis seeds usually germinate between 3 and 5 weeks.
Once germinated, transplant sensitive tree plants in 20 cm pots or directly in the ground if the climate is not too cold in winter.

  • Plant sensitive rare tree.
  • Semi rustic, resists easily at -5 ° c.
  • Pink flowering in late summer.

Amazing, Unusual and plant seeds for sale to cultivate.





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Mimosa quadrivalvis SENSITIVE TREE (10 seeds)

Mimosa quadrivalvis SENSITIVE TREE (10 seeds)


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