Dionaea muscipula VENUS FLYTRAP (10 seeds)


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Venus flytrap or Dionaea muscipula is a perennial carnivorous plant of the Droseraceae family.
It naturally grows in the United States, North Carolina and South Carolina.
It is undoubtedly the best known and most emblematic of all carnivorous plants with cape sundew or pitcher plants.
Its flowers are white with 5 petals.
Venus fly-trap seeds are small, shiny and black in size.
They are very similar to those of dragon fruit but smaller.

Its leaves close on their prey as soon as the insect and captures it when it passes over the sensitive hairs of the plant, their digestive juices dissolved the organic tissues in order to be able to consume them.

Sowing Venus flytrap seeds:

sow the seeds in a 10 x 10 cm pot filled with sieved and moistened peat.
Do not cover the seeds.
Gently water the crop with a hand sprayer and place the pot in a warm, humid place like a greenhouse at a temperature of 25 to 30 ° c.
Germination will generally start between 15 days to 4 weeks.

This carnivorous plant should be repotted after about 3 or 4 years if it has grown well and the pot begins to be too small for it.
Repotting in an acid substrate is done during the winter period.

  • Original carnivorous plant.
  • Requires little maintenance.

Seeds of carnivorous plants to sow indoors.



La plus connue des plantes carnivores

La dionée est la plante carnivore la plus connue de toute.
Sa culture se fait dans une terre acide.

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Dionaea muscipula VENUS FLYTRAP (10 seeds)

Dionaea muscipula VENUS FLYTRAP (10 seeds)


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