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Sarracenia PITCHER PLANTS (15 seeds)


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15 PITCHER PLANT seeds (Sarracenia sp.)

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Sarracenia are carnivorous plants indigenous to the eastern seaboard, Texas, the Great Lakes area and southeastern Canada, with most species occurring only in the south-east United States (only S. purpurea occurs in cold-temperate regions). 

The plant's leaves have evolved into a funnel in order to trap insects, and which produce enzymes to digest their prey. The insects are attracted by a nectar-like secretion on the lip of pitchers, as well as a combination of color and scent. 
Slippery footing at the pitchers' rim, aided in at least one species by a narcotic drug lacing the nectar, causes insects to fall inside, where they die and are digested by the plant as a nutrient source. Only S. purpurea normally contains significant rainwater in its tubular pitchers. 
It is a myth that all species contain water. In fact, the hoods of the other species help to keep out rain water in addition to keeping flying prey from escaping. 

In common with many carnivorous plants, Sarracenia usually inhabit permanently wet regions with a low pH whose nutrients, particularly nitrates, are continuously leached away by water or made unavailable by the low pH. 
Sarracenia consequently gain a competitive advantage over other plants from the substances they extract from their animal prey.


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Sarracenia PITCHER PLANTS (15 seeds)

Sarracenia PITCHER PLANTS (15 seeds)

15 PITCHER PLANT seeds (Sarracenia sp.)