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Sarracenia SARRACENIA (15 seeds)


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Sarracenia in Latin are carnivorous plants from North America.
The plant begins to flower from the fourth year.
Its flowers are red in color with a yellow heart.
Sarracenia seeds are bean-shaped and brown in color, they resemble those of yerba mate.

There are also other carnivorous plants including the Venus flytrap and the equally fascinating nepenthes.
Its leaves are transformed into slippery tubes which will eventually trap the insects and then dissolve them to feed the plant.

These carnivorous plants absolutely need a winter rest period for a good development of the plant.

Sowing Sarracenia seeds:

Sow the seeds in a very wet peat bog without covering them.
Gently water the crop with rainwater.
Place the bog in a greenhouse at a temperature of at least 25 ° c.
Germination will begin within 2 to 3 weeks after sowing the seeds.
Then place the plants in a very sunny place.

  • rare carnivorous plant.
  • very beautiful flowering.
  • Requires little maintenance if the crop stays wet all the time.

Seeds of carnivorous plants for sale to plant.


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Sarracenia SARRACENIA (15 seeds)

Sarracenia SARRACENIA (15 seeds)