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Nepenthe from Borneo PITCHER PLANT (5 seeds)


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Pitcher plant or Nepenthes are carnivorous plants of the Nepenthaceae family.
The stem is woody and measures 3 to 5 meters in height.
It is a carnivorous climbing plant, leaning on a tree or lying on the ground.
Its flowers are purple in color.
Pitcher plant seeds are fine and grow in brown pods.

Nepenthes are species whose extension of the vein of the leaf forms an urn or ascidia which are traps for small animals.
The islands of Sumatra and Borneo are the richest in species.
When growing, avoid full sun, they usually grow in shaded conditions and in the undergrowth.

Sowing Pitcher plant seeds:

Sprinkle the seeds in a sieve peat or heather soil.
Then cover the seedling with a few millimeters of substrate and gently water with a hand sprayer.
It is best to use rainwater.
Finally, place the culture in a warm and humid place, ideally a greenhouse but a well-lit bathroom will be perfect.
During germination, it is advisable to place the culture in an area where the temperature should be 30 ° C.
It is advisable to sow this insectivorous plant in spring

  • Rare carnivorous plant.
  • Grows very well indoors in a bright room.

Carnivorous plant seeds to plant in pots or outdoors in mild climates.

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Nepenthe from Borneo PITCHER PLANT (5 seeds)

Nepenthe from Borneo PITCHER PLANT (5 seeds)


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