Drosera capensis CAPE SUNDEW (20 seeds)


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Cape sundew or Drosera capensis is a carnivorous plant of the family of sundew.
It is a small carnivorous plant of original form of the marshes of South Africa.
Its flowers can be white or purple, they have 5 petals.
Its leaves are about 3 to 7 cm in length. They are sensitive to mechanical and chemical excitations.
Cape sundew seeds are tiny like dust, they look like those of autumn joy plant.

This insectivorous plant carries glandular hairs, sometimes irritating, secreting mucilaginous substances which attract and include insects.
After capture, the hairs on the leaves curl toward the leaf blade.
The insects thus trapped can then be digested by enzymes from the leaves of the plant.

Sowing Cape sundew seeds:

The sowing method is similar to that of Venus fly-trap.
Prepare a small pot of wet and fine peat previously moistened.
Sprinkle the seeds over them without covering them, then gently water them with a sprayer.
Finally, place your culture in a warm, humid place at a temperature close to 25 ° C.
Germination takes place 2 to 3 weeks after sowing.

Place in a sunny place, be careful this plant fears frost.
Sow in a very wet peat bog.

  • Very beautiful carnivorous plant.
  • Requires very little maintenance.

Carnivorous plant seeds to be planted in pots.


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Drosera capensis CAPE SUNDEW (20 seeds)

Drosera capensis CAPE SUNDEW (20 seeds)