Sedum spectabile AUTUMN JOY (30 seeds)


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Autumn joy also called Sedum spectabile is a succulent plant of the Crassulaceae family just like the jade tree.
It is a perennial 25 to 60 cm tall, with erect and branched stems.
Autumn joy plant produces very beautiful red roses flowers in autumn.
It is very resistant and generally survives all types of climate, substrate ...
It is an extremely resistant plant.
Sedum spectabile seeds are tiny, they look like edelweiss or chamomile.

The leaves of autumn joy plant are used to treat the calluses: remove the thin film from the leaf, apply on the corns and keep in place for 3 to 5 days; the colloidal dressings are inspired by it.

Autumn joy plant requires absolutely no maintenance, no need to put fertilizer, potting, watering etc ...
It will simply cut faded flowers and stems at the end of the year so that the plant can properly regrow the year after.
You can at that moment, make beautiful dry bouquet to decorate your home.
this Sedum is resistant to extreme temperatures (from 55 ° C in summer to -25 ° C in winter) without necessarily watering.

Sowing autumn joy seeds:

Start by preparing a box of potting soil with fine sand, then sow Sedum spectabile seeds on top.
Then water the seed box with a small hand sprayer.
Finally, place the crop in a bright place at a temperature close to 25 ° C.
Germination of Sedum spectabile seeds occurs 2 to 4 weeks after sowing.

  • Ultra resistant plant.
  • Beautiful red flowering in autumn.
  • Has some medicinal properties.
  • bluish foliage resembling the oyster leaf plant.

Seeds of original and unusual plants to grow in the garden.

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Sedum spectabile AUTUMN JOY (30 seeds)

Sedum spectabile AUTUMN JOY (30 seeds)


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