Rosmarinus officinalis ROSEMARY (20 seeds)


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Rosemary is a shrubby plant of the Lamiaceae family.
Its fine, highly aromatic leaves give off a unique scent of freshness.
Its seeds are small spherical and gray in color, they resemble those of sacred sage.
Its flowers are blue and open from spring until early fall.

It has many phytotherapeutic virtues.
It is also a very well-known condiment herb in gourmet cooking.

Very easy to produce, it is a popular aromatic with various culinary uses.
It is used in stews and stews, soups, marinades, and on grills.
This plant is also used to flavor flans or jams.

In traditional medicine, this species has benefits for the body.
It was once used to treat many ailments.

Its medicinal properties are contained in the leaves and flower ends.
One of the simplest ways to use it is to take it as an infusion.
It is possible to combine the infusion of this powerful herb with thymelemon mint or savory.

The best time to sow rosemary seeds is from the beginning of May.
Sow in a box of potting soil and fine sand then cover with 2 to 3 millimeters of sandy soil.
Then, gently water the crop by spraying.
Place in a warm place at a temperature of at least 25°C.

Rosemary germination takes a long time; the seeds germinate on average 4 to 8 weeks after planting.

  • Hardy perennial variety easy to grow.
  • Has many medicinal and culinary properties.
  • Reproducible, untreated seeds.
  • Beautiful blue flowering for 6 months.
  • Attract many pollinators.

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Rosmarinus officinalis ROSEMARY (20 seeds)

Rosmarinus officinalis ROSEMARY (20 seeds)


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