Atropa belladonna DEADLY NIGHTSHADE / DEVIL'S BERRIES (20 seeds)


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20 DEADLY NIGHTSHADE / DEVIL'S BERRIES seeds (Atropa belladonna)

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Devil's Berries, Deadly Nightshade or Atropa belladonna is a herbaceous of the Solanaceae family.

Leaves and fruits of deadly nightshade contain an alkaloid called atropine.
Devil's berries seeds are small, round and black in color, resembling those of true indigo or soapwort.

In Renaissance, Italy, coquetry pushed the ladies to put drops containing extracts of belladonna in the eye.
This caused dilation of the pupil (indeed, the dilation of the pupils is one of the manifestations of the sexual arousal and the desiring admiration, manifestation unconsciously perceived by the men and which stimulates them), and made slightly squint, which at that time was characteristic of beauty.

This plant is a relaxing plant, it is prescribed to relax the contracted organs and to relieve intestinal pain.
It is prescribed as part of Parkinson's disease to reduce tremors, improve speech and mobility. (just like black henbane or jimson weed)

Sowing of deadly nightshade seeds:
Sow devil's berries seeds in a box of fine potting soil by covering the seeds with 1 millimeter only.
spray water and then stratify seeds naturally or artificially for a few weeks in  refrigerator.
Then place the tray in a warm, moist place to stimulate germination of Atropa belladonna seeds.
Germination of deadly nightshade seeds usually begins after 15 days to three weeks.

  • Has many medicinal virtues.
  • Beautiful purple flowers followed by black fruits.
  • Extremely toxic plant, handle with care.

Also exists as a live plant to cultivate.
Ethnobotanical Plant Seeds, Exclusively for Ornamental Cultivation and for Medical Research.
Do not consume it, poisonous plant.




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Atropa belladonna DEADLY NIGHTSHADE / DEVIL'S BERRIES (20 seeds)

Atropa belladonna DEADLY NIGHTSHADE / DEVIL'S BERRIES (20 seeds)

20 DEADLY NIGHTSHADE / DEVIL'S BERRIES seeds (Atropa belladonna)

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