Penis pepper red PETER PEPPER (5 seeds)


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Red penis pepper, red erotic pepper or peter pepper is a variety of unusual pepper.
It belongs to the Solanaceae family.
This chilli is a kind of hot pepper in the form of male sex red.
It has the peculiarity of being a very old variety.
there are also yellow peter pepper.
On the scale of Scoville, this original pepper is considered strong.
It is placed just after the jalapeno pepper and just before the Cayenne pepper.

Sowing Red peter pepper Seeds:

It is advisable to soak red pepper chili seeds for a few hours in hot water before sowing.
Then, bury the seeds in small pots separately or in a box under a few millimeters of substrate type horticultural compost.
Gently sprinkle the chilli culture by spraying.
Finally, place the red erotic pepper culture in a place where the temperature will be close to 25 ° C.
Red peter chili seeds usually germinate within a few weeks.
Once the erotic red pepper seedlings are 10 to 20 cm, it will be necessary to transplant them in pots separately or directly in the ground in a sunny place.

  • Edible pepper but very strong.
  • Simple culture, full sun location.
  • Produced between 10 and 30 peppers in the form of a red penis per plant.

Erotic form very original.
Also available as yellow peter pepper for sale to grow.


Piment très original

Mes graines de piment pénis ont germées en 4 semaines sous serre, les premiers fruits sont déjà en forme de pénis vert.
Ils sentent fort, à mon avis c est du hard!

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Penis pepper red PETER PEPPER (5 seeds)

Penis pepper red PETER PEPPER (5 seeds)


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