Solanum quitoense NARANJILLA, LULO (10 seeds)


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Lulo, naranjilla, also called Quito nightshade or Solanum quitoense in Latin, is a plant of the Solanaceae family.
It is a variety native to Peru like cape gooseberry or maca.
Its fruits are yellow in color.
Its trunk is very thorny.
Its leaves are serrated with spines and measure around thirty centimeters in length.
Its veins are purple which makes it really beautiful.
The plant reaches almost two meters with a bushy shape and young stems covered with purple down.
Its seeds are yellow in color, flattened and resemble those of chinese lantern plant.

Its fruits are excellent, the flavor is sweet and very fragrant.
When pressed, this fruit produces a greenish and acidic juice, which is often how it is consumed.
Its pulp is also used to make jams and pastries.

Sowing Naranjilla seeds:

The time to sow your seeds is to start at the end of May, when temperatures are high enough.
Sow them in a box of potting soil then cover them with a few millimeters of substrate.
Then, water gently with a hand sprayer and place the crop in a greenhouse at a temperature of 30 to 35°C.

Its germination will begin 3 to 6 weeks after planting.

  • Rare and delicious exotic fruits.
  • Grow as an annual.
  • Its foliage is very ornamental, but spicy.
  • Reproducible, untreated seeds.
  • Requires little maintenance once in place.

Fruit plant to grow in the garden or in a greenhouse.


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Solanum quitoense NARANJILLA, LULO (10 seeds)

Solanum quitoense NARANJILLA, LULO (10 seeds)


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