Beaucarnea recurvata PONYTAIL PALM (7 seeds)


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Ponytail palm or Beaucarnea recurvata is a plant of the family Ruscaceae.
It is often grown as a houseplant in temperate regions.
Its flowers are white.
Ponytail palm seeds have an unusual shape composed of fins, like those of sakae naa but smaller.
Its leaves are fine and very long, it is a majestic houseplant.

Ponytail palm is commonly called elephant foot because it has the distinction of having a trunk of the same color and the same shape as an elephant foot.
This is called a caudex, it is the water reserve of Beaucarnea recurvata.
Other plants also have a caudex like desert rosebaobab or devi's claw.
In pots, its growth is relatively slow.

Like most succulents, the Beaucarnea needs a sunny or half-shade exposure if it's in an apartment and a well-drained soil to avoid the risk of rot.
In summer, the plant enjoys high temperatures, of the order of 30 to 40 ° C.

Sowing Ponytail palm seeds:

Start by soaking the seeds of Beaucarnea recurvata 24 hours in hot water, then bury the seed under half a centimeter of peat previously moistened.
Finally, put the Ponytail palm culture in a place where the temperature will remain between 25 to 35 ° C throughout the germination process.
Germination of Ponytail palm seeds takes about 3 to 5 weeks.
Once germinated, transplant the seedlings into small cups separately.
Use a well draining mix with peat, vermiculite and potting soil.

  • Very beautiful unusual plant.
  • Easy culture, requires little maintenance.
  • Majestic port, trunk shaped like an elephant's foot.
  • Plant depolluting.

Unusual and amazing plant seeds for sale to grow in the garden.



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Beaucarnea recurvata PONYTAIL PALM (7 seeds)

Beaucarnea recurvata PONYTAIL PALM (7 seeds)


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