Spilanthes acmella TOOTHACHE HERB / PARACRESS (25 seeds)


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Toothache herb or Paracress is a tropical herb of the Asteraceae family just like sugarleaf or tansy.
It is also called Spilanthes acmella or Acmella oleracea in Latin.
It is a small herbaceous 15 to 25 cm tall with glossy foliage.
Flowers of toothache herb are red and yellow in the shape of a button.
Paracress is native to South America, especially Peru and Brazil.

Nowadays, toothache herb is used all over the world in various forms.
Leaves of toothache herb produce a numbing effect on the tongue and gums when chewing a bit like szechuan pepper.
Ideal for relieving the pain of large caries or oral infections.
Spilanthes can be used to relieve the pain of a toothache.

toothache herb also improves digestion, relieves flatulence, improves appetite and helps to overcome nausea and vomiting by its stimulating effect on the salivary glands.
It is commonly found in Chinese grocery stores and Malagasy dishes.
These are the flowers and leaves of toothache herb that are usually edible.

Sowing toothache herb seeds:

Sprinkle seeds on a tray of fine potting soil, do not cover the seeds and then water gently with a hand sprayer.
Then place your cultivation in a typical greenhouse at a temperature close to 25 to 30 ° C.
Paracress seeds usually germinate between 2 and 3 weeks.
Respect the temperature during sowing, below 20 ° C, no germination will occur, it does not mean that your Acmella oleracea seeds are dead.

  • Has many medicinal assets.
  • Push very quickly.
  • Leaves and edible flowers.
  • Atypical flowering in the shape of a yellow and red cone.
  • Ideal for ferry and semi-shade massif.

Also exists as a plant to grow.
Unusual plant seeds on sale to cultivate.



Germination facile

À semer sous serre.
Les graines de bredes mafane germent en quelques jours sous 25 degré.

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Soulage les maux de dents

Mâcher deux ou trois feuilles de brèdes mafane fraiches lors de rage de dents, la plante aura tendance à soulager votre douleur.

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Spilanthes acmella TOOTHACHE HERB / PARACRESS (25 seeds)

Spilanthes acmella TOOTHACHE HERB / PARACRESS (25 seeds)


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