Aloysia / Lippia citriodora LEMON VERBENA (plant)


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Lemon verbena also called Aloysia or Lippia citriodora, is a woody plant from the Verbenaceae family.
It is a small shrub with a woody main stem, 1 meter high.
Its leaves are deciduous, they fall in winter and grow back in spring.
It is a plant native to the Andes of South America.
Lemon verbena seeds are small and must be sown on top of the seedling, then watered and placed in a warm greenhouse.

Lemon verbena is grown for its very fragrant leaves with a lemon flavor.
Its leaves are used to flavor certain culinary preparations and prepare infusions and liqueurs.
It is this variety of verbena that is sold in pharmacies and herbalists.

An essential oil used in perfumery is extracted.
Excellent mosquito repellent plant.

Lemon verbena 10 to 20 cm high, delivered with a good root system.
Transplant the lemon verbena plant into a 5 liter pot of horticultural soil, water thoroughly from planting then leave your plant in a semi-shaded place for 15 days to acclimatize it to its new environment.
Once acclimated, you can transplant it directly to the garden in a full sun location.
You can then start harvesting its leaves a month later.

  • Easy to grow plant.
  • Gives off a very nice lemony smell.
  • Beautiful golden foliage.
  • Has various medicinal properties.
  • Excellent plant in infusion.
  • Rapid growth.

Beau plant recu rapidement

Beau plant en pleine forme de verveine citronnelle, a repris en croissance en quelques jours.
Plante très parfumé.

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Aloysia / Lippia citriodora LEMON VERBENA (plant)

Aloysia / Lippia citriodora LEMON VERBENA (plant)


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