Amorpha canescens LEADPLANT (15 seeds)


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Leadplant or Amorpha canescens is plant native to North America.

It has very small purple flowers which are grouped in racemes.
The compound leaves of this plant appear leaden due to their dense hairiness.
This plant can be found growing in well drained soils of prairies, bluffs, and open woodlands.

This plant was used by various Indigenous Peoples to treat a number of medical problems.
In addition the Oglala used the leaves both as a tea and as a smoking mixture when combined with buffalo fat.

Leadplant was used as a dye plant such as pomegranate or Pot Marigold to make the indigo color but also by the Amerindians who called it buffalo bellow plant, they smoked and drank flower-based teas like the wild dagga or Mexican tarragon.
In traditional medicine, Amorpha canescens has been used to treat ailments and various rheumatism.

Sowing of Leadplant seeds:

To begin, soak your seeds in warm water for 4 to 5 hours, then plant them par 5 in pots 10 cm in diameter under 2 mm of fine soil.
Using a sprayer, water the substrate and place your pots warm under glass.
Germination takes place 2-3 weeks after seeding.


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Amorpha canescens LEADPLANT (15 seeds)

Amorpha canescens LEADPLANT (15 seeds)


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