Nicotiana rustica AZTEC TOBACCO (plant)


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Aztec tobacco also called Mapacho tobacco or Nicotiana rustica in Latin is an annual plant native to Central America.
It is part of the Solanaceae family just like blue tree tobacco or black henbane.
This variety grows to around 1 meter in height.
Its flowers are yellow in summer followed by its brown pod-shaped fruits.

In Venezuela, the Waraos tribe consumes its leaves in the form of a blunt during ethnobotanical ceremonies.

In South America, the Aztecs dried its leaves then crushed them into crumbs by adding tarragon leaves from Mexico which they used in ethnic rituals.
This mixture was then consumed by the greatest shamans in order to enter a trance.
The other method of consumption was to place a freshly cut leaf under their lips, which provided immediate effects for several minutes.

Mapacho tobacco plant 10 to 15 cm high, delivered in clumps, with a good root system.
Upon receipt, transplant it into a 3 liter pot, use a good horticultural soil rich in organic matter.
Water it thoroughly when planting, then place it in a sunny location.
You can also plant it directly in the ground in full sun.

  • Can be grown very simply in a pot or directly in the garden in the ground.
  • Produces lots of beautiful leaves.
  • Generally reseeds from one year to the next.

Do not consume.
Also available in the form of a packet to grow.


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Nicotiana rustica AZTEC TOBACCO (plant)

Nicotiana rustica AZTEC TOBACCO (plant)


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