Cyperus alternifolius UMBRELLA PAPYRUS (plant)


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Umbrella papyrus or Cyperus alternifolius is a perennial and aquatic plant which belongs to the Cyperaceae family.
Its flowering is spectacular in the shape of an umbrella.
Papyrus seeds are very fine, dark brown in color and resemble those of autumn joy.
Leaf cuttings are easy and quick.
The best known is the famous Nile papyrus, an important plant for the Egyptians, who made leaves from it for writing.

Very beautiful majestic aquatic plant for indoor ponds and garden ponds.
Papyrus gives an exotic feel to a corner of the apartment if it is planted directly in a jar without a hole.
It requires little maintenance, just water.

Umbrella papyrus plant
10 to 20 cm high, delivered in a plug.

Repot your papyrus in a 3 liter pot, use potting soil when planting, then water well.
Then take a nice basin or cup, fill it with 5 cm of water then place the pot in it.
Papyrus loves having its roots submerged.

Hardy Umbrella papyrus needs bright light or even full sun.
Its growth is very rapid.
To be placed in a living room, kitchen, in the bedroom, or in the office for indoor cultivation.

It is also a plant that is part of the depolluting plants, just like the swedish ivy, jade treeminiature wax plant or even congo cockatoo plant.

On a balcony or terrace, you can also buy a large plastic pot and do not make the holes, fill with water then put the Cyperus alternifolius plant in it, plant with a water lily plant, or sacred lotus and some water mint in order to find a little corner of relaxation and zenitude at a lower cost.
The little extra Zen touch, a little floating candle in the evening.

  • Very hardy Papyrus variety.
  • Gives a pleasant, relaxing and exotic corner.
  • Aquatic, perennial and depolluting plant.

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Cyperus alternifolius UMBRELLA PAPYRUS (plant)

Cyperus alternifolius UMBRELLA PAPYRUS (plant)


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