Nymphaea alba WHITE WATER LILY (15 seeds)


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White water lily or Nymphaea alba in Latin is a very beautiful aquatic plant.
It is a perennial that is part of the Nymphéaceae family.
Its seeds are small and black like those of clary sage or Mexican poppy.

Its leaves are rounded and floating.
Its flowers are solitary, white in color and develop on the surface of the water.
Its root is a large rhizome which develops from year to year.
In the pool, it can be accompanied by sacred lotusaquatic mint or even rustic papyrus.

In traditional medicine, its flower boiled in water is used to combat redness of the epidermis.
It brings many benefits to the skin through its mucilage and its high vitamin C content.

The ideal time to sow is from May.
Sow the white water lily seeds in a pot with a well-draining substrate and sand to prevent the soil from rising to the surface when the culture is immersed.
Bury them under 1/2 cm of substrate then add water gradually.

Its germination will begin 3 to 5 weeks after planting.
Once well developed, place the plants frost-free during the first year.

  • Easy to grow.
  • Very hardy aquatic variety.
  • Magnificent white flowers from spring to fall.
  • Untreated reproducible seeds.

Aquatic plant to grow in a pool or pond.



Germination rapide

La méthode que j ai utilisée est le coton humide.
Ensuite j ai placé ma culture dans une boîte hermétique au chaud.
Mes graines de nénuphar ont germées en 9 jours.

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Nymphaea alba WHITE WATER LILY (15 seeds)

Nymphaea alba WHITE WATER LILY (15 seeds)


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