Nepeta cataria CATNIP - CATMINT (plant)


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CATNIP - CATMINT live plant

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Catmint, also called catnip or Nepeta cataria in Latin, is an aromatic perennial plant with bluish foliage from the Lamiaceae family.
It is very easily grown in pots or outdoors.
It can reach 1 m in height at the end of the year.
Its flowers vary from white to purple and resemble those of peppermint.
It can be grown in partial shade as well as in full sun.

This variety has interesting medicinal properties.
It is generally consumed in the form of an infusion and was widely used in the Middle Ages.

Catnip attracts domestic felines and poisoners.
This intoxication causes an intoxicating effect that can last for several minutes, it is not at all dangerous for them.
It can be dried and then reduced to powder for better conservation.
The animal rolls on the ground, stretches its limbs, salivates and scratches.
Felines also love valerian.

Catnip plant 10 to 20 cm tall, comes with a good root system.
Upon receipt, transplant it into a 3 liter pot of horticultural soil, pack it well, then water it thoroughly during planting.
Finally, place the culture in a shaded place to acclimatize it.

You can also plant it directly in the ground in a semi-shaded place in the garden, or even full sun.
Be careful, cats love it and can seriously damage it.

  • Hardy and perennial variety.
  • Beautiful flowers in summer, pleasant smell.
  • Has many medicinal properties.


Plante arrivée en bon état, je l’ai planté hier et elle s’acclimate. Merci


Plant parfait

Les deux plants sont parfaits. Je viens de les remporter et d'apporter beaucoup d'eau. Les ai mis à l'ombre. Maintenant j'attends. Merci beaucoup.

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Plant en bonne santé

Plante arrivée rapidement.
À replanter dès la réception.
Je recommande.

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Beau petit plant de cataire

Reçu tres rapidement, attention à ce votre chat ne l'abîme pas!
Il a senti le plant de cataire dès que je l'ai rempoté.
L'odeur des feuilles est forte lorsqu'elles sont froissées.

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Nepeta cataria CATNIP - CATMINT (plant)

Nepeta cataria CATNIP - CATMINT (plant)

CATNIP - CATMINT live plant

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