Mentha piperita PEPPERMINT (plant)


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Peppermint is a very fragrant hardy perennial with a creeping rhizome.
Its stem measures 30 to 50 centimeters in height during the summer period.
Its opposite leaves are a very beautiful dark green, just like those of chocolate mint.
Its purplish flowers form very short spikes in late summer.
Its seeds are small, brown in color and emerge at the end of August at the same time as those of horse mint or orange mint.

It occupies a large place in herbal medicine thanks to the essential oil contained in its leaves.

It is also possible to consume its leaves in cooking.

Pepper mint plant 10 to 20 cm high, delivered in a clump with numerous roots.
It is recommended to plant it in a 3 liter pot with potting soil and then water it thoroughly during planting.
Then place your culture in a sunny location.

It is also possible to grow this variety directly in the ground in the garden or even in a pot.
Cuttings are rather simple and quick, they can be done directly in water or in a smothered greenhouse.

  • Perennial and rustic without any particular requirements.
  • Simple culture, rapid growth.
  • Very fragrant foliage.
  • Has many medicinal uses.

Here you will find a beautiful collection of mint to acquire.



Beau petit plant

Beau petit plant de menthe poivrée, demande qu'à pousser.

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Mentha piperita PEPPERMINT (plant)

Mentha piperita PEPPERMINT (plant)


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