Mentha spicata MOJITO MINT (plant)


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Mojito mint, also called mojito mint, is a perennial and hardy member of the Lamiaceae family.
It flowers rarely and grows in a shady place.
Its flowers appear in summer all like peppermint or curly mint.
Its seeds are fine like those of the corn poppy and are dispersed by the wind to be sown further away.
This variety takes cuttings very quickly, it is also possible to reproduce it by root division.

Used mainly in herbal teas and infusions, it has a special place in oriental culture.
Indeed, the famous mint tea is concocted by infusing around 100 fresh leaves per liter of water.

It is also used in many culinary applications, such as sauces, as well as in Asian preparations with Vietnamese mint.

It was once considered a panacea thanks to the action of menthol.
It is also the variety used to make Mojito cocktails.

Mojito mint plant 10 to 20 cm tall, comes with a good root system.
Upon receipt, replant it in a 5 liter pot, drain the bottom of the pot well then use a substrate rich in organic matter.
Pack it well then water it thoroughly when planting.

It is also possible to cultivate it directly in the ground in a sunny but not dry place.
It is advisable to cut its stem apex in order to increase leaf production during its cultivation.

  • Edible, perennial and hardy variety with multiple medicinal properties.
  • Gives off an excellent smell.
  • Generally used to prepare cocktails.

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Mentha spicata MOJITO MINT (plant)

Mentha spicata MOJITO MINT (plant)


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