Mentha X piperita SWISS MINT (plant)


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Swiss mint is a very resistant hardy plant from the Lamiaceae family.
This variety with rather original foliage has very beautiful purple flowers at the end of the summer period.
Its seeds are small and round, they become viable at the end of flowering.
Its size at the end of summer is generally 60cm in height.
The scent of the minty foliage is very powerful.

This species is probably the strongest in terms of its smell but also its taste.
It has a little chocolate aftertaste after the highly spicy flavor.
This very rare variety with large leaves generally exceeds 30 cm in height at the end of spring.
It takes cuttings very well in water like aquatic mint or peppermint.

To be used for infusions, herbal teas and in gourmet cooking.
In infusion, the effect is exciting.

Swiss mint plant 10 to 20 cm high, delivered in clumps.
Upon receipt, replant it in a 3 liter pot, then water it thoroughly during planting.
Place the culture in a partial shade or full sun location.

It is also possible to plant it directly in the ground in the garden in a sunny location.

At the end of the year, cut the aerial part after harvesting its leaves.
It is possible to take advantage of this period to bury the stems underground to allow them to take root and reproduce other identical subjects.

  • Very original perfume, very strong.
  • Very hardy and perennial variety.
  • Rapid development, produced a lot.

Here you will find a beautiful collection of mint to acquire.


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Mentha X piperita SWISS MINT (plant)

Mentha X piperita SWISS MINT (plant)


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