Coffea arabica COFFEE TREE (plant)


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Coffee tree is an exotic shrub of the Coffea genus.
Its flowering is white and very fragrant.
Coffee fruiting occurs just after flowering.
Its fruits are red and contain the grain.
It grows slowly and requires shade.

The drink made from the coffee tree is an energy drink obtained from its roasted seeds.

Coffee cultivation is highly developed in many tropical countries, on plantations that grow for export markets.
Coffee contains caffeine, an alkaloid with, among other things, stimulating properties.
For this reason, it is mostly consumed in the morning or during working hours, and, sometimes, late at night, by those who want to stay awake and focused.

Coffee tree
 10 to 15 cm high, delivered in a plug with lot of roots.

When you receive your coffee plant, transplant it into a 2 liter pot made from a substrate rich in organic matter.
When planting, remember to drain the bottom of your pot with clay balls and water thoroughly.
Place your coffee tree pot in a very bright, warm place but without direct sunlight.
The warmer it is in your room, the more comfortable the coffee tree will feel.
for a pot culture, fertilizer is possible every 6 months.

  • Plant resistant to many parasites.
  • Gives a certain tropical look to your interior.
  • Relatively slow growth.
  • Very beautiful houseplant.

Also available in packet form for sale to sow.



Très beau plant parfait

Satisfait de ma commande.

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Coffea arabica COFFEE TREE (plant)

Coffea arabica COFFEE TREE (plant)


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