Trichocereus, Echinopsis peruvianus PERUVIAN TORCH (10 seeds)


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10 PERUVIAN TORCH seeds (Trichocereus, Echinopsis peruvianus)

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Trichocereus peruvianus or Peruvian torch is a cactus found in Peru.
It has the shape of a candle and can reach up to six meters in height.
Its flowers are white, very fragrant and open only at night.
Peruvian torch seeds are small, black in color and same those of dragon fruit or black cumin.

Shamans distinguish several varieties according to the number of sides, so the four-sided forms are said to have very specific supernatural powers.
It is considered a fantasy cactus and is the object of a very ancient ethnic ritual use.

Stem of Peruvian torch is sold sliced ​​on the market stalls for the purpose of being boiled to obtain a decoction often containing other plants rich in atropine such as red angel's trumpet or Atropa Belladonna.

When the Spaniards arrived, its use was widespread mainly in Peru and Bolivia.
It was consumed in a sacred drink reserved for shamans.

To find Echinopsis peruvianus, the shaman must climb very high in the mountain. The places where these cacti grow are sacred.
Before cutting off his arms from which he will extract his alkaloid, the shaman will ask the peruvian torch for forgiveness by spraying him with a mixture of water and perfumed alcohol.

It is also part of a fantasy drink known as cimora mixed with Neoraimondia macrostibas, Isotoma longiflora, Pedilanthus titimoloides.

Sowing of Peruvian torch seeds:
Sow your Trichocereus peruvianus seeds in a mixture of equal parts of potting soil and fine sand.
cover your seeds with 2 to 3 millimeters of substrate and then gently water with a sprayer.
Finally, place your crop in a warm, humid place.
Peruvian torch seeds usually germinate between 2 and 3 weeks.

- Cactus growth is fast.
- Shamanic and ethnobotanical plant.

Do not consume.
Grow this cactus only as an ornamental plant.


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Trichocereus, Echinopsis peruvianus PERUVIAN TORCH (10 seeds)

Trichocereus, Echinopsis peruvianus PERUVIAN TORCH (10 seeds)

10 PERUVIAN TORCH seeds (Trichocereus, Echinopsis peruvianus)

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