Fabiana imbricata FALSE HEATH (10 seeds)


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Fabiana imbricata, false heath or pichi is a small shrub that belongs to the Solanaceae family.
he is from South America, more specifically from Chile.
The leaves are similar to those of cranberry.
Its flowers are purple.
Fabiana seeds are small, about the size of xhosa dream plant or apple of Peru.

Fabiana is regularly used as incense during Amerindian ethnic ceremonies.
The Aymara of northern Chile use dry leaves as a purifier of the body.

Another method is to use the fresh leaves infusion to enjoy the sedative virtues (which are also found in the cones of female hopspurple passionflower or valerian) or otherwise an infusion of dry leaves will have stimulating properties.

Sowing Fabiana seeds:

Sow your False heath seeds in a mixture of fine soil and sand, cover very lightly and then water with a hand sprayer.
Place your crop in a place where the temperature will be at least 20 ° C.
Seed germination of Fabiana imbricata will begin after 3 to 5 weeks.

Do not consume without medical advice.
To cultivate only as a rare and ethnobotanical plant.


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Fabiana imbricata FALSE HEATH (10 seeds)

Fabiana imbricata FALSE HEATH (10 seeds)