Paullinia cupana GUARANA (5 seeds)


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5 GUARANA seeds (Paullinia cupana)

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Guarana or Paullinia cupana is a tropical plant of the family Sapindaceae.
It is a climbing shrub that grows in Brazil in the Amazon rainforest.
It produces small white flowers followed by red fruit.
Paullinia cupana seeds are black, the size of those of tea tree or longan.

Guarana seeds have the highest level of caffeine in the world after yerba Mate, followed by Coffee and finally Kola Nut.

Due to its stimulating properties, Paullinia cupana can be consumed as an herbal tea, but most often the dried and powdered seeds are simply diluted in water or fruit juice.

Sowing seeds of Paullinia cupana:
Plant your Guarana seeds under 1 cm of peat in small pots of 10 X 10 cm.
Sprinkle copiously then, place your pots under mini-greenhouse at a high temperature around 35 ° C to 40 ° C.
Germination of this seeds is very slow, counting not less than 5 months.

- Tropical plant extremely rare.
- Has the highest level of caffeine in the world after mate. (6% for guarana against 2% for paraguayan tea and 1.6% for robusta coffee)

Do not consume without medical advice.
To cultivate for the collection of ethnobotanical plants.



Guarana seeds

Please notify me if the fresh seeds are ready because i would like to buy for planting is my e-mail.Thanks


Croisons les doigts

J’ai bien réceptionné les graines, un peu sec, mais bon j’ai essayé plusieurs méthodes pour les hydrater maintenant plus qu’à attendre que ça pousse,


Benih guarana

berapa persen benih akan tumbuh


Benih guanara

Saya ingin biji guanara untuk di tanam


Benih guanara

Saya mau pesan bibit tanam guanara


guarana seeds about

i want paullinia cupana seeds.please you add to your stock

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Paullinia cupana GUARANA (5 seeds)

Paullinia cupana GUARANA (5 seeds)

5 GUARANA seeds (Paullinia cupana)

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