Malpighia glabra ACEROLA / BARBADOS CHERRY (3 seeds)


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Barbados cherry, acerola or Malpighia glabra is a tree of the Malpighiaceae family.
Its fruit is called Barbados cherry or Caribbean cherry because it looks a lot like cherry.
Acerola grows in exotic regions of South America, particularly in Peru and in the Amazon rainforest of Venezuela and Brazil.
Its flowers are creamy pink.
Acerola seeds are pale brown in color.

Its interest as a source of vitamin C caught the attention of scientists since the 1950s.
However, acerola is not only an exceptional source of vitamin C, it also contains high levels of phosphorus, calcium, vitamins B (thiamine, riboflavin, piridoxine), as well as highly antioxidant factors, including flavonoids that are also found in the jostaberry or pomegranate.

In Brazil, where the tree is grown, the fruits are consumed in the form of juice.
Indians in the Amazon rainforest use Malpighia glabra for diarrhea and liver problems.

In medicine, the fruit of acerola is used in powder form and is indicated in functional asthenia and to facilitate the recovery of weight after weight loss.
In general, it is prescribed during cooling and against fatigue.

Sowing acerola seeds:

To start, soak your Barbados cherry seeds for 24 hours in warm water, then bury them in moist peat under 5 mm flat.
Water copiously the first time then place your pots in greenhouse or mini-greenhouse at a temperature of 30 ° C.
Seeds of Malpighia glabra germinate easily if the temperature is high enough.

  • Rare tropical plant.
  • Product of berries with multiple medicinal properties.
  • Very beautiful pink flowering.



qui a fait pousser un acérola en france ?

bonjour j aimerais savoir si quelqun a réussit a faire pousser un acérola en france dans le sud par exemple ou je réside , merci

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Malpighia glabra ACEROLA / BARBADOS CHERRY (3 seeds)

Malpighia glabra ACEROLA / BARBADOS CHERRY (3 seeds)


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