Datura stramonium JIMSON WEED (30 seeds)


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Jimsonweed or Datura stramonium is a very robust annual plant.
It is an annual plant of the solanaceae family just like the henbane or the mandrake.
This plant produces large trumpet-shaped flowers of white color and many fruits in the shape of horse chestnut.
Jimson weed seeds are black, the size of those of the black Ipomoea or firecracker vine.

This herb has many medicinal properties appreciated for a very long time.
It treats asthma, coughing spasms, muscle spasms and relieves Parkinson's disease symptoms.
Datura stramonium, like deadly nightshade, can be applied directly to the skin to relieve rheumatic pain and neuralgia.

This esoteric plant is also used for esoteric rituals around the world.
In America for healings, rituals, travels in the underworld.
In India as an aphrodisiac.

Sowing Jimsonweed seeds:

The germination of this seeds is sometimes capricious, to remedy this, it is better to stratify the seeds.
Sow the seeds of Datura stramonium by 5 or 6 in small pots of 10 cm.
Cover jimson weed seeds under a few centimeters of fine soil and then stratify naturally or artificially your pots with seeds for 2 to 3 weeks.
Once germinated, wait until the datura plants are 10 cm before transplanting them to the garden.

  • Easy crop plant, supports very well dry land.
  • Beautiful and big white flowers from April to October.
  • Be careful highly toxic plant.

Also exists as a live plant for growing.
Shamanic and ethnobotanical plant seeds to collect.
Do not consume. Toxic plant to collect only.




Merci pour ces graines, j'ai eu des problèmes avec la poste qui ne m'a jamais remis ma commande, le vendeur a été très professionnel et m'a réexpédié les graines gratuitement. Merci.



Hola necesito la planta ya o la semillas, xfavor información muchísimas gracias


Floraison spectaculaire

Germination des graines de datura simple après une bonne stratification a froid.
Les fleurs sont très belles, le feuillage sent fort.
Plante hautement toxique, attention aux enfants.

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Datura stramonium JIMSON WEED (30 seeds)

Datura stramonium JIMSON WEED (30 seeds)


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