Lactuca virosa WILD LETTUCE (10 seeds)


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Wild lettuce or Lactuca virosa is a variety of biannual lettuce that is up to 2 m tall.
It is native to Europe and grows under all types of substrates.
Whole of Opium lettuce has a white milk similar to latex.

This latex is a white liquid that contains lactucarium, a powerful Papaveraceous relaxant for its appearance and effects.
It is used in homeotherapy to treat insomnia and bronchitis.
It is attributed sedative properties, which helps to sleep well as hops or argemone and expectorantes.
Bitter lettuce calms coughs.
Excessive consumption causes drowsiness.

Seedling wild lettuce seeds:

Sow the seeds in a thin and ventilated substrate, cover with 1 to 2 millimeters of soil then water with a sprayer, place the whole under mini-greenhouse and let seeds germinate about 2 weeks.
Seedlings straight into the ground or into 20 cm diameter pots.

  • Grass easy to cultivate, rustic.
  • Very fast growth.
  • Request no maintenance.
  • Grass with many medicinal uses.

Do not consume.
To be cultivated only as an ethnobotanical and shamanic plant.


Bonne réussite du semi

Bon taux de germination

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Lactuca virosa WILD LETTUCE (10 seeds)

Lactuca virosa WILD LETTUCE (10 seeds)


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