Antirrhinum majus SKULL PLANT / SNAPDRAGON (20 seeds)


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Skull plant also called snapdragon is part of the Scrofulariaceae family.
This rather original plant measures 30 to 60 centimeters in height.
Antirrhinum majus is a perennial plant that has a very beautiful summer flowering.
Its flowers are pink from early summer until the first frost.
Its skull-shaped fruit contains many seeds.
Skull plant seeds are small and black in color, they resemble that of tobacco.

Its unusual side is the capsule which contains the seeds, it is in the shape of a brown-colored skull skeleton.
More surprisingly, the eyes and mouth close when wet.
Once dry, the eyes and mouth open again.
It is a truly amazing plant to discover.

Sowing skull plant seeds:
To start, prepare a box of fine potting soil moistened beforehand.
Sprinkle snapdragon seeds on top then cover them with a few millimeters of substrate.
Water well with a hand sprayer.
finally, place the snapdragon culture in a warm and humid place.
Germination of skull skeleton seeds will begin approximately 3 weeks after sowing.

Once the skull plants are 10 to 15cm tall, they will need to be planted in the garden in a sunny location.
The first skulls will appear at the end of summer, it will be necessary to let them ripen before picking them.

  • Very beautiful summer flowering.
  • Perennial plant, to protect the winter.
  • Produces numerous skull-shaped skeletons.
  • Totally unique plant to discover.
  • Does not require any particular maintenance.

This item contains 20 skull plant seeds and its skeleton.



Tête de mort

Plante très étrange.

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Antirrhinum majus SKULL PLANT / SNAPDRAGON (20 seeds)

Antirrhinum majus SKULL PLANT / SNAPDRAGON (20 seeds)


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