Jacaranda mimosifolia BLUE JACARANDA / BLACK POUI (10 seeds)


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Black poui, Blue Jacaranda or Jacaranda mimosifolia is a majestic, splendid tree of the family Bignoniacées.
Jacaranda mimosifolia is native to Paraguay and Argentina.
It is 5 to 15 meters tall at adult height.
Its leaves are very similar to that of silk tree.
Its fruit is a brown flat capsule that resembles an oyster.
When its fruits open, they release once ripe a multitude of small flat seeds of brown color like those of dutchmans pipe.
Black poui makes beautiful blue flowers throughout the spring and summer.

Its bark is thin gray-brown and smooth when the tree is young.
The twigs of blue jacaranda are thin and slightly zigzag which gives an even greater aesthetic appearance.
This tree is semi-tropical and can withstand frosts of -5 ° C or -12 ° C if it is for short periods.

Sowing blue flamboyant seeds:

Soak black poui seeds for 24 hours in warm water and sow them in a fine peat dish.
Then, the jacaranda seeds should be buried under 2 to 3 millimeters of substrate and then watered with a hand-held sprayer.
Finally, it will be necessary to place the blazing blue culture in a hot and humid place at a temperature close to 25 ° C.
The germination of Jacaranda mimosifolia seeds takes between 1 and 3 weeks.

  • Sumptuous tree with blue flowers.
  • Germination of seeds fast and easy.
  • Can be used to make bonsai.

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Plantation de graines

J ai réussi a planté sous petite serre des graines. Maintenant elle ont une hauteur de 5 cm comment je fait j attend encore merci

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L'arbre aux huitres

Les coques de fruit du jacaranda ressemblent a des coquilles d'huitres, d'ou son nom d'arbre aux huitres.
Bel arbre ornental aux fleurs bleus.

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feu d'artifice végétal

Le Jacaranda ou flamboyant bleu est un arbre somptueux semi-tropical s'acclimatant parfaitement au climat méditerranéen.

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Jacaranda mimosifolia BLUE JACARANDA / BLACK POUI (10 seeds)

Jacaranda mimosifolia BLUE JACARANDA / BLACK POUI (10 seeds)


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