Murraya koenigii CURRY LEAF TREE (5 seeds)


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5 CURRY LEAF TREE seeds (Murraya koenigii)

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Curry tree, curry leaf also called Murraya koenigii is a tree 5 meters high of the Rutaceae family.
The trunk and branches of the Murraya koenigii are of great finesse.
Its flowers are white, they resemble those of ramsons or juneberry.
Curry leaf seeds are large and round like those of baobab or longan.

Curry tree is native to tropical Asia, particularly from India, it grows naturally in Thailand.
Its shiny leaves have a peculiar curry smell when crumpled.
Murraya koenigii is also known as curry leaf.

This tree is widely used in Indian and Burmese cuisine.
Most cooked dishes have some curry leaves to enhance the taste.
Some curry leaf powder preparers incorporate toasted and powdered leaves in their condiments.

In traditional Ayurvedic medicine, Murraya koenigii leaves are used as anti-diabetic, antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory.
Its leaves also contain a lot of iron.
The roots, bark and leaves of the curry tree are also used internally and externally.

In infusion, the leaves would lower the tension as the strawberry tree.
Crushed with rice bran, they would fight against colic.

Sowing curry leaf seeds:
Soak the seeds of Murraya koenigii for 12 hours in warm water.
Bury the curry tree seeds under 1 cm deep in small pots of peat previously moistened and then water gently with a sprayer.
Finally, place the seeds box in a place where the temperature is close to 30 ° C.

- Plant used in cooking.
- Releases a strong curry smell.
- Produces a beautiful white bloom.
- Has many medicinal uses.

Do not consume without medical advice.
Asian plant seeds to grow in pot.



Nuestras vidas dependen de la agricultura y es muy agradable que una empresa como la suya tenga este tipo de negocio, por que nos ayuda a los pequeños agricultores.



Necesito de palanta fresco

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Murraya koenigii CURRY LEAF TREE (5 seeds)

Murraya koenigii CURRY LEAF TREE (5 seeds)

5 CURRY LEAF TREE seeds (Murraya koenigii)

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