Aquilaria crassna AGARWOOD / EAGLEWOOD (5 seeds)


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Agarwood, eaglewoodaloeswoodgharuwood or Aquilaria crassna is a tropical plant of the family Thymelaeaceae.
It is a large tree living in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia.
Aquilaria crassna means wood-perfume by the smell it releases.
Agarwood seeds are round in brown color and resemble those of the yew.

Agarwood has the distinction of secreting a very fragrant resin.
This resin is called aloeswood or agarwood for scientists.

Dry resin powder or the essential oil extracted from it is highly sought after by traditional Asian medicine and increasingly by the cosmetics and scented paper and incense industry.

Aquilarias face a double threat of natural deforestation and overexploitation of forests.
It is a tree that remains today very rare as Boswellia or Miracle fruit.

Sowing eaglewood seeds:

Sow your agarwood seeds in a mixture of fine horticultural seed and sand.
It is important to plant the seeds head down.
Sprinkle with a sprayer and place your crop in a greenhouse or mini-greenhouse at a temperature of 25 to 35 ° C.
Germination of the aquilaria crassna seeds takes place after 3 to 6 weeks.

  • Exotic plant rare.
  • Has multiple uses.
  • Medicinal sap very fragrant.
  • For the manufacture of incense.

Seeds extremely rare.
Do not consume without medical advice.

Asian plant seeds to grow in mild climate or indoors.



Aquilaria de Agar semillas

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Seeds Agarwood

Availability of different varieties of Agarwood tree seeds please.

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Aquilaria crassna AGARWOOD / EAGLEWOOD (5 seeds)

Aquilaria crassna AGARWOOD / EAGLEWOOD (5 seeds)


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