Adansonia digitata BAOBAB TREE (5 seeds)


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Baobab or Adansonia digitata is a tree of the family Bombacaceae.
It is the most famous variety of all baobab.
Adansonia digitata is an African caudex tree like the desert rose or ponytail palm

His trunk is huge, that's what characterizes him the most.
Baobab is very original white flowers with a big pompom in the middle.
They only open at night and for a short time.
Fruit is a pod, resembling that of cocoa.
Baobab seeds are round, bean-shaped, brown in color and the size of a marble.

Baobab tree is a sacred tree for many African cultures, it is also the tree to palaver.
It is the typical tree of tropical Africa and Madagascar and the emblem of Senegal.

African baobab is a tree with exceptional longevity, especially present in Senegal.
Slow growth, we find specimens that are almost 2000 years old.
It is a tree that is also used to make bonsai.

It is possible to plant a baobab in its garden under mild climate or greenhouse.
Its pulp from the pod is edible and rich in vitamin C.
Leaves of Adansonia digitata are consumed in the same way as spinach, there is no recipe for seeds.
Baobab tree seeds can be used to make ethnic jewelry. Seed oil is used in cosmetics because it contains a lot of antioxidants.

Sowing baobab seeds:

Start by scarifying baobab seeds with sandpaper and then soaking the seeds of Adansonia digitata in hot water for 24 hours.
Then bury the seeds in a box of fine soil under 1 cm deep.
Finally, place the culture box under a very hot mini-greenhouse in the sun for example at a temperature close to 40 ° C.
The more heat, the faster baobab seeds will germinate.

If you notice at a time that the trunk of the baobab is soft, it is either that it has too much water, or it lacks light.

  • Plant easy to grow.
  • Request little maintenance.
  • Ideal for making bonsai.
  • Reproducible seeds without organic designation, untreated seeds.
  • Edible fruit.

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Graines reçues rapidement , très bonne qualité
J'ai mon petit "Bao" qui a 2 mois et qui se porte à merveille
Je recommande vivement , très sérieux

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Reste plus qu'à planter mes petites graines de baobab.

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Germination facile, bien scarifier les graines de baobab

Les graines de baobab germent facilement et relativement vite après les avoir scarifiées.
Cultiver votre baobab en interieur dans une zone très lumineuse.

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Adansonia digitata BAOBAB TREE (5 seeds)

Adansonia digitata BAOBAB TREE (5 seeds)


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