Jatropha curcas BARBADOS NUT (5 seeds)


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Barbados nutJatropha curcas or biofuel plant is a tropical tree of the family Euphorbiaceae.
It is a plant native to South America.
Its flowers are red.
Jatropha curcas is widely used today as a biofuel production.
Barbados nut seeds are black and of medium size, they resemble those of the cocoa tree or velvet bean.

Africans are now embarking on the production of green diesel from Jatropha curcas seeds oil.
Every year, diesel engine owners consume 200 million liters of diesel.
A gold mine for the countries of Africa where the climate is favorable to the Jatropha or its name: Green gold of the desert.
The main advantage of this new ecological technology is that it allows the emission of water vapor and not carbon dioxide.
It is certainly our fuel of tomorrow.

Besides the fact that Jatropha is useful in clean energy, its bloom is simply beautiful.

Sowing Jatropha curcas seeds:

Lightly scar the hull of the barbados nut seeds with sandpaper and soak the biofuel seeds 48 hours in warm water, if the seeds float no concern to have with the Jatropha is normal.
Once soaked, plant the seeds in peat pots previously moistened under 1 cm deep.
Then, it is necessary to pack the substrate well then to water the culture.
Finally, leave the biofuel plantation in a warm place at a temperature close to 35 ° C.
Jatropha curcas seeds usually germinate after a few weeks.

  • Plant for ecological use
  • Seed oil will probably be the bio fuel of tomorrow
  • Very beautiful red flowering
  • Grow very easily

Exotic and tropical plant seeds for sale to grow.

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Jatropha curcas BARBADOS NUT (5 seeds)

Jatropha curcas BARBADOS NUT (5 seeds)


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