Alpinia zerumbet SHELL GINGER (plant)


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Shell ginger, also called ginger-cinnamon or Alpinia zerumbet, is a perennial tropical plant with rhizomes native to eastern Asia.
It is also called cinnamon ginger, because it grows like ginger and the smell of the leaves is reminiscent of the spice: cinnamon.
Its flowering in white and pink spikes is magnificent.
It is a tropical rhizome that grows in clumps 30 to 70 cm high.
Shell ginger seeds are round and black in color, the size of those of bryony.
Its fruit is red and resembles that of hawthorn.

Shell ginger resists a temperature of 0°C, but it is important for outdoor cultivation to protect the rhizome from frost, then to mulch the base in winter.
For indoor cultivation, you will need to choose a large pot, drain the bottom well, add peat and potting soil and place Shell ginger in a very bright place.

The major advantage of Shell ginger is that each part of the plant is intended for a specific need.

Shell ginger plant 7 to 15 cm high, delivered rooted.
Once you receive the plant, plant it in a 5 liter pot, use peat-based potting soil, water well when planting.

Shell ginger plant is not very hardy, bring the plantation in if the winter temperature drops below -3°C.

  • Very easy cultivation.
  • Cinnamon-scented leaves, delicate fragrance.
  • Medicinal, aromatic and ornamental plant.
  • Slow growth then very rapid.
  • Grows like a ginger.



Joli petit plant

J'adore l'odeur du feuillage de l'atoumo, reste à le faire grandir et à le consommer.

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Alpinia zerumbet SHELL GINGER (plant)

Alpinia zerumbet SHELL GINGER (plant)


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