Zea mays CORN MAIZE POPCORN (15 seeds)


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15 CORN MAIZE POPCORN (zea mays)

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Corn Popcorn or Zea everta is a plant of the family Poaceae.
It is a variety of yellow fruit corn.
It is semi-rustic and is grown very well.
It is a rather early variety.
Popcorn corn seeds are a little smaller than those of Indian black corn.

There is only one variety of maize capable of producing quality popcorn: popping corn also known in Latin as Zea mays everta.
This corn popcorn is eaten natural, salty or sweet, but it can also be eaten spicy, with chocolate and caramel.
It remains very easy to cultivate in the private garden.

Sowing popcorn corn seeds:
Sow popcorn seeds under 1 to 2 cm of soil, water copiously the first time and let the crop germinate in a warm place, at a temperature of 20 to 25 ° C.
Popcorn corn seeds will germinate after 2 to 3 weeks on average.

As soon as the seedlings are 15 to 20 cm high, plant the small seedlings in the garden full sun, well water the first 2 months.
In September, October it will be time to harvest the corn, dry well and consume popcorn.
Easily grow your own popcorn now.

  • Early variety of corn easy to grow.
  • Produced from 2 to 3 corn popcorn per plant.
  • Ideal for creating a natural and edible breeze.

Unusual and original plant seeds for sale to grow in the garden.



Hay que coseacharlos en el otoño

Hay que cosecharlos en el otoño (diciembre)

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graine mais a semer

bonjour, je souhaiterai savoir si pares plantation et recoltes des épis de mais a eclater, je peux de nouveau garder des nouvelles graines pour resemer et avoir de nouveau du mais a éclater ? merci

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Graines germées en 5 jours

Taux de germination excellent.
Je recommande!

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Zea mays CORN MAIZE POPCORN (15 seeds)

Zea mays CORN MAIZE POPCORN (15 seeds)

15 CORN MAIZE POPCORN (zea mays)

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