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Rustic Fig Tree is a fruit tree in the Moraceae family which produces edible fruits called golden figs.
The type of fig tree sold here is much rarer and hardier than the common fig tree with purple fruit.

It generally produces twice a year, once in June-July, its fruits are called in Spain: brevas, the quality and size of its first figs is greater than the second production which takes place in September-October.
The seeds of the hardy fig tree are small, round and resemble those of the medicinal poppy.

This fig tree should be grown in a pot for the first year, then planted outside in a full sun location.
It will give its first edible yellow-white figs in its third year.

Extremely simple cultivation, it can be pruned to form a bonsai.
Adult size, approximately 2 to 3 meters high and 2 meters wide.
Very sweet fruits, nice sized golden fig.

The fig leaves dye in refined tones of chick yellow.

Fig tree plant 7 to 20 cm high, delivered in a plug with a good root system.
Upon receipt of the golden fig plant, you can:

  1. Either transplant it into a 5 liter pot with horticultural soil, remembering to drain the bottom of your pot well and water it thoroughly.
  2. Either plant your hardy fig tree plant directly in the ground in a location with full sun.

In both cases, if you are in a region with harsh winters, protect your white fig plant for the first two years with a winter cover.

  • Very sweet and large fruits.
  • Easy to grow, very hardy species resistant to -20°C.
  • Gives an exotic side to the garden.
  • Leaf sap (white liquid) can be applied to warts.
  • Used to prepare chutney accompanied by foie gras.

beau figuier en pleine forme

beau plant de figuier reçu rapidement.

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Ficus carica COMMON FIG TREE (plant)

Ficus carica COMMON FIG TREE (plant)

FIG TREE plant

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