Moringa oleifera MORINGA / DRUMSTICK TREE (5 seeds)


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Moringa oleifera or Drumstick tree is a plant of Moringaceae family.
This tree is native to northern India but is now acclimatized in almost all tropical regions of the world.
Moringa is very resistant to drought and has a major advantage, it has a very rapid growth.
Its flowers are white and the fruits are in the shape of very elongated pods.
Drumstick tree seeds are brown angular a little like those of Sakae naa.

Moringa has great importance in traditions of Indian Ayurvedic medicine as indian ginsengintellect tree or indian pennywort.
It is said that his leaves healed more than 300 diseases.
Modern science has confirmed this Indian belief and added that moringa also has a very important nutritional value.

Nutritional analyzes have shown that Moringa leaves are richer in vitamins, minerals and proteins than most vegetables.

Moringa oleifera leaves can be a complete food since they contain twice as much protein and calcium as milk, as much potassium as banana, as much vitamin A as carrots, as much as beef or beef. lentils and twice as much vitamin C as an orange.

We can also extract seeds of Drumstick tree, an interesting food oil, especially in Africa where many countries lack food oils.
This oil is also an interesting raw material for the cosmetics industry.

Sowing Moringa oleifera seeds:

Start by soaking Moringa seeds 24 hours in warm water, the seeds will tend to float at first.
Next, prepare peat pots of 10 x 10 cm with peat previously moistened.
Bury the Moringa seeds under 1 cm deep.
Gently sprinkle the moringa crop and place it in a warm, moist place at a temperature of at least 30 ° C.
A greenhouse or half-greenhouse will be perfect for growing this tree.
Germination of Moringa seeds usually occurs 3 to 5 weeks after sowing.

  • Very interesting plant.
  • Very beautiful foliage.
  • Grows very well in a hot climate.
  • Plant more and more requested.

Seeds of tropical and exotic plants to grow in mild climate or indoors.



Comment assurer la vie de cet arbre en Belgique

Les graines vont évidement donner naissance à des sujets .ne faux t’il pas comme pour tous les arbres dû substrats local avec des michoryses pour assurer aux arbres tous sinplement la vie

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Taux de germination excellent

5/5 parfait.
Mes graines de moringa ont germées en 3 semaines à chaud.

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Le superaliment par excellence

Le Moringa possède d'innombrables vertus.
Cet arbre régule la pression sanguine, augmente l’énergie et l’endurance, lutte contre la constipation et les infections urinaires, renforce l’immunité, améliore la vision et la qualité de la peau, régule l’appétit, réduit les rides et améliore la digestion.
Le Moringa lutte contre les trous de mémoire, l’anémie, les troubles de sommeil, l’anxiété et la dépression.

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Moringa oleifera MORINGA / DRUMSTICK TREE (5 seeds)

Moringa oleifera MORINGA / DRUMSTICK TREE (5 seeds)


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