Centella asiatica GOTU KOLA / INDIAN PENNYWORT (15 seeds)


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Centella asiaticaHydrocotyle asiatica, gotu kola or indian pennywort is a plant of the family Apiaceae.
It is a small plant 15 cm high creeping that is native to Asia.
The flowers are pink.
Gotu kola seeds are small and spherical the size of those of yerba mate or the dancing plant.

Indian pennywort is very often used as a medicinal plant.
It is part of Indian and Chinese Ayurvedic medicine in the same way as indian ginseng or malkangini.
In medicine, we use the leaves of Centella asiatica in decoction, it helps reduce hypertension.

In external use, tiger grass helps soothe itching, soften burns and heal more easily.
Centella asiatica is also well known for its aphrodisiac and antioxidant properties.
Gotu kola also has nootropic properties that are also found in ololiuqui and coral tree.

Sowing Centella asiatica seeds:

Start by soaking your Gotu kola seeds for 24 hours in warm water, then sprinkle the seeds of hydrocotyle in a small pot of fine potting soil that you leave in the winter or in your refrigerator for 2 to 4 weeks.
Finally, take your pots Centella asiatica and place under glass.
Germination of indian pennywort seeds can take 2 to 8 weeks depending on the duration of the stratification.

  • Fast growing plant.
  • Cultivates semi-shade or in the shade.
  • No special requirements regarding the type of soil.
  • Must be back in the winter or cultivate as an annual plant.
  • Medicinal plant with many virtues.

Ethnobotanical and medicinal plant to collect.
Do not consume without medical advice.

Also exists as a live plant to grow.


bons semis

belle germination et culture facile, merci


Bon produit, germination en quelques semaines

Graines de gotu-kola reçu en quelques jours, germination facile dans un mélange de terreau bien drainant.

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Centella asiatica GOTU KOLA / INDIAN PENNYWORT (15 seeds)

Centella asiatica GOTU KOLA / INDIAN PENNYWORT (15 seeds)


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