Litchi chinensis LYCHEE (5 seeds)


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Litchi chinensis, also simply called lychee, is a tropical fruit tree.
It is part of the Sapindaceae family like dragon's eye or soapberry and comes from Asia.
It is a medium-sized tree that can reach a height of 15 to 20 m.
Its general silhouette is round, the foliage is dense and well covering.

Its fruit called lychee is eaten raw and picked when ripe.
It resembles longan, a fruit also from Asia.
The interior of the fruit contains a pulpy part, white in color, fragrant and juicy.
Lychee seed is large, brown in color and germinates towards the bottom, the flat part.

The ideal time to sow lychee seeds is from the beginning of June until the end of July when temperatures are warm enough.

Start by cutting the seed with a knife, being careful not to damage the cotyledons, then leave to soak in hot water for 6 to 12 hours.
Then you will need to prepare 10 cm pots with previously moistened peat.
Bury the seeds 1 cm deep, flat side down, then gently water the crop.
Finally, place the culture in a greenhouse at a temperature above 30°C.

Lychee germination will begin after 2 to 3 weeks after sowing.

  • Beautiful natural silhouette.
  • Easily pruned for making bonsai.
  • Reproducible seeds and untreated.

Exotic fruit tree seeds on sale to sow in a greenhouse or in a mild climate.



Graines viables à faire tremper

Graines de litchi reçu rapidement
À faire tremper dès réception.
Germination rapide en lieu chaud.

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Litchi chinensis LYCHEE (5 seeds)

Litchi chinensis LYCHEE (5 seeds)

LYCHEE seeds

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