Punica granatum POMEGRANATE (10 seeds)


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Pomegranate is a small fruit tree from the Lythraceae family.
It is a small shrub adapted to the Mediterranean climate, also having good resistance to cold.
It will in fact survive frosts of around -12°C to -15°C.
Its fruit, the pomegranate, is red, the size of a tennis ball.
Its seeds are brown in color, they resemble those of cypress vine or milk thistle.
Its red flowers in summer are magnificent.

It has deciduous leaves, native to Asia, particularly the Middle East.
It can reach approximately 5 m in height at adult size when its environment suits it.
The city of Granada in Spain owes its name to the pomegranate tree.

Its fruits have been edible and consumed since Antiquity.
Its fresh flowers are used in infusion for its benefits on the body.
The bark of the fruit is used for its therapeutic properties and the bark of the trunk and fruit is used as a dye plant.

The best time to sow pomegranate seeds is from the end of May until the end of June.
Start by soaking them for 12 to 24 hours in lukewarm water to break dormancy.
Then, prepare a box of potting soil then bury them 1 cm deep.
Water reasonably the first time then place the crop in a greenhouse at a temperature close to 30°C.

Its germination will generally begin 3 to 6 weeks after planting.

  • Very beautiful red flowers in summer.
  • Resists well to negative temperatures and drought.
  • Reproducible, untreated seeds.
  • Gives many fruits in autumn.
  • Spiky branches, ideal for making defensive hedges.

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Graines fraiches

Mes graines de grenade germent facilement au chaud.

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Punica granatum POMEGRANATE (10 seeds)

Punica granatum POMEGRANATE (10 seeds)


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