Ipomoea batatas SWEET POTATO (plant)


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Sweet potato or Ipomoea batatas in Latin is a perennial plant with creeping stems that can reach 2.5 to 3 m in length.
The tuber is very rich in starch, its sweet flavor and floury texture are somewhat reminiscent of chestnuts.
The flowers are white with purple centers, they resemble those of morning glory.
Sweet potato seeds are round and black about the size of those of the spanish flag vine.

Tubers are always eaten cooked, in water or in the oven, or fried, both as vegetables and as a dessert thanks to their sweet flavor.
The leaves of the sweet potato can also be eaten, like spinach, unlike those of the potato (which are toxic).

Sweet potato is grown both in tropical regions and in warm temperate regions where it is then only cultivated as an annual plant.
The Mediterranean region lends itself very well to this crop provided it is properly irrigated.
It is a plant that takes cuttings very well.

Sweet potato plant
7 to 20 cm long, delivered in a plug with beautiful roots.

Upon receipt, plant your plant in a 3 liter pot of horticultural soil, drain the bottom of the pot well, then water thoroughly when planting.
Place sweet potato plant in a semi-shaded location to acclimatize it, then in full sun.

It is also possible to plant the plant directly in the ground in a location with partial shade or full sun.
Water frequently the days following planting.

  • Beautiful ornamental foliage.
  • Rapid growth.
  • Produces edible tubers called sweet potatoes.


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Ipomoea batatas SWEET POTATO (plant)

Ipomoea batatas SWEET POTATO (plant)


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